Cocktail Hour Sips

a collection of my favourite recipes for delicious drinks

  • White Wine Sangria with Peaches, Mango + Strawberries potsandplanes.comtie
    Cocktail Hour Sips,  RECIPES

    White Wine Sangria with Peaches, Mango + Strawberries

    Here’s a delicious way to enjoy white wine this summer. A white wine sangria is a fruity but not too sweet version of the traditional red wine sangria. It’s a great choice for a starter cocktail. Serve it up along with some yummy appetizers and munchies and you are all set. This is a no fuss type of drink. It comes together very easily and quickly, especially if you use frozen fruit. However…all good things require time to become fabulous…. You will need to plan it in advance, as it needs to chill for at least an hour, allowing all the flavours to meld together. Well worth the wait. If…

  • Christmas Cocktails
    Christmas Recipes,  Cocktail Hour Sips,  RECIPES

    Festive Christmas Cocktails

    It’s Christmas Eve…. And I need a cocktail! How about u? I was looking forward to serving these two fun and colourful drinks to the family, tonight and tomorrow. Unfortunately that’s not gonna happen. It’s another Covid year and this time the darn dreaded virus has found its way into our home (well it’s not officially confirmed, we are still waiting for results, however my daughter’s rapid test and her symptoms all point to positive, so we are not taking any chances). But let’s not dwell on that. After all, we are together and we are ok, that’s what matters most to me. And, a little cocktail to sip on…

  • Limoncello Gin Fizz
    Cocktail Hour Sips,  RECIPES

    Limoncello Gin Fizz

    There’s nothing like a cold refreshing drink in the summer… And this cocktail sure hits the spot. It’s a new favourite. Why do I love it? Let me count the ways… Well, for starters, it has gin in it and I’m a big fan of gin. It’s not sweet so it’s very refreshing. Anything lemon flavoured is a win in my books. It’s not complicated and doesn’t require special tools, just pour the ingredients into an iced filled glass and stir….can’t get any easier than that! Let’s just say, it’s like drinking lemon water….only way better😎 A perfect summer cocktail. Cheers 🍹 Limoncello Gin Fizz *here’s my version of the…

  • St Germain Gin + Tonic
    Cocktail Hour Sips,  RECIPES

    Cocktail Hour ~ St. Germain Gin + Tonic

    St. Germain might just be my new favourite liqueur! I discovered this unique, floral french liqueur earlier this year when I sampled a French 77 cocktail. It was love at first sip. In fact I promptly went out and bought myself a bottle and now I’m on a mission to discover new and delicious ways to use it. Because, something this good cannot go to waste! And sadly, like many of us I’m sure, I’ve had one too many bottles of specialty liqueurs sit on a shelf for years because I just didn’t know what to make with them. Full disclosure, I still have a few that are likely way…

  • classic french martini
    Cocktail Hour Sips,  RECIPES

    Cocktail Hour ~ Classic French Martini

    I’ve shared many photos of my drink experiments on my personal Facebook and Instagram accounts, as my friends and family will tell you. Sometimes I even get requests for them…especially if I haven’t posted one for a while. Apparently I have fans, and they have expectations/needs…haha However, oddly enough, I have never shared any of them here on my blog.  Lucky for you, that’s all about to change! After all we’re still in pandemic mode and a little cocktail once in a while is a welcome distraction from the crazy world we are living in. Tonight’s selection for cocktail hour is the French Martini. I love this drink! It’s referred…