• Chewy Chocolate Chips + Nuts Cookie Bars potsandplanes.com
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    Chewy Choco Chips + Nuts Cookie Bars

    Here’s one that’s an oldie but a goodie as they say… I tore this recipe out of a magazine back in my teenage years, when I first started taking a liking to cooking. So, it’s been around for a good 35 years. Yikes! My sister and I had a few recipes for cookies and bars that we learned to make on our own, like this one. I remember baking them often because they were pretty easy for a newbie baker with not a lot of kitchen skills or fancy tools. The bars were not very pretty, often with overcooked edges and definitely not picture worthy. But they were chocolatey, chewy,…

  • Christmas Salted Chocolate Bark potsandplanes.com
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    Christmas Salted Chocolate Bark

    After waiting with much anticipation I finally got my hands on the holiday issue of the LCBO Food & Drink Magazine. For those of you who are not from Ontario and are wondering what the heck I’m talking about let me explain…. This is a seasonal publication put out by the Liquor Board of Ontario advertising and promoting the latest in wines, liquors and liqueurs, presented in conjunction with a slew of interesting new recipes and other home entertainment ideas. This year’s offering is, as usual, a beauty. In my humble opinion they do an amazing job with it. I always look forward to picking up the latest magazine, but…

  • Austrian Holiday Cookies potsandplanes.com
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    Austrian Holiday Cookies

    I heard Christmas music playing the other day while shopping… It always feels a smidgen too early to me if it’s before December 1st, but this year, with this ongoing pandemic situation, I am happy to start the festivities asap. It seems a lot of people feel the same way, so let’s get this holiday season under way already! Time to start sharing some of my favourite cookie recipes and get baking. Simple homemade cookies such as shortbreads, sugar cookies and slice and bake are pretty easy to make. And they are so worth the extra effort. Make them in November, then freeze them in Tupperware containers and you will…

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    The Best Lemon Crinkle Cookies

    Happy boxing day friends☺️ This is not an instant pot recipe… And it’s not my own creation either. But these cookies, that our friend Mara teased us with at work last week, were soooo delish that I had to get the recipe! I have since made several batches. I might be addicted…they really are so good! For my work colleagues, these were the cookies that I brought in for the potluck. I got many requests for the recipe, so here you go! Happy baking😊 Here’s  the link to the original recipe (which I followed to the letter, except that I omitted the yellow food coloring) LEMON CRINKLE COOKIES from Cooking…