• White Wine Sangria with Peaches, Mango + Strawberries potsandplanes.comtie
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    White Wine Sangria with Peaches, Mango + Strawberries

    Here’s a delicious way to enjoy white wine this summer. A white wine sangria is a fruity but not too sweet version of the traditional red wine sangria. It’s a great choice for a starter cocktail. Serve it up along with some yummy appetizers and munchies and you are all set. This is a no fuss type of drink. It comes together very easily and quickly, especially if you use frozen fruit. However…all good things require time to become fabulous…. You will need to plan it in advance, as it needs to chill for at least an hour, allowing all the flavours to meld together. Well worth the wait. If…

  • Christmas Cocktails potsandplanes.com
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    Festive Christmas Cocktails

    It’s Christmas Eve…. And I need a cocktail! How about u? I was looking forward to serving these two fun and colourful drinks to the family, tonight and tomorrow. Unfortunately that’s not gonna happen. It’s another Covid year and this time the darn dreaded virus has found its way into our home (well it’s not officially confirmed, we are still waiting for results, however my daughter’s rapid test and her symptoms all point to positive, so we are not taking any chances). But let’s not dwell on that. After all, we are together and we are ok, that’s what matters most to me. And, a little cocktail to sip on…