Instant Pot Recipes + More,  Odds + Ends

Call me crazy for starting this but…

Today I woke up to an idea, and I’m running with it…

Here it is…the star of the show…the Instant Pot

Many of us recently splurged on one of these babies…you know who you are.😜

Some of us have already cracked open the box and started experimenting, while others are not quite there yet.

All of us however, are eager to see what this popular kitchen contraption can do. So with that in mind, I have started up this little blog…a place for sharing recipes and ideas, information and inspiration…and any other interesting finds, with the intention of getting all of us to make the most of our purchase!

Share your recipe creations with me. Send me links to recipes you found online that turned out great, or maybe were a total fail.

Perhaps you discovered a great new tip or use for the pot…tell us! Please! We need to know!

As I gather info from mine and your experiments with the instant pot, I will create a post to share here with all who are following. Which also means you need to sign yourself up by using the “Follow this blog” link on the sidebar.

To send me anything,  use the contact page or email me directly at

Looking forward to your contributions and comments!

Here we go…

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